Ontological analysis web app

How we helped Ontopop develop a web app interface for an ontological research and analysis tool.

Ontopop product mock

Initial strategy & objectives

When we first spoke to Sonic Jobs, they were concerned about their value proposition, and the conversion rate of their homepage - specifically, for organic traffic.

Since most paid traffic was being sent through to specific job pages, it meant that most people landing on the Sonic Jobs homepage, had never heard of them before.

This presented a unique problem to solve, and a clear metric that we could impact through design.

Ontopop design strategy
Ontopop user journeys

Developing user journeys

First, we dug deeper into the data behind user behaviour. Why were users leaving the homepage? How far were they scrolling down the page to find something? Were they scrolling at all?

We also looked to define what 'conversion rate' actually meant in this instance. Did we just want to increase the number of users making a job search? Or did we want to increase the conversion for the entire first job application journey.

We followed that up with a teardown of their current homepage, breaking down points of friction for users, missed best-practice, as well as performance and other criteria.

This gave us the perfect foundation from which to rebuild, and redesign.

Mapping out wireframes, components & a design system

Throughout the process of reviewing the existing page and user behaviour we went through the process of identifying key features that might have a significant impact on the conversion rate.

These included: bringing search through from a popup to the first thing the user sees on the page, introducing popular job searches that included location, using images that better represented the core users of Sonic Jobs, and restructuring the key navigation elements of the website.

These changes would be key to improving conversion for organic traffic, as much as improving the visual design, layout, information, and hierarchy would.
Ontopop wireframes
Ontopop UI design

The final polish

Once we identified what conversion rate meant for Sonic Jobs, had an idea of how users where behaving on the page, and knew what features we needed to implement, we got our teeth stuck into the page design.

Using best practice, as well as extensive experience in landing page design, plus collaboratively working on their value proposition with multiple stakeholders within the business, we had our new homepage.

Lastly, we put together developer documentation as well as supported their development team with assets and direction in building the page.