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Hi, my name is Chris

Thanks for checking out We Are Heroes, a design service I founded to help startups and digital agencies thrive through data, research, and psychology-driven strategy and design.

After over 10 years working as a designer and leading design teams at startups and big companies, I wanted to create a design service with a difference. A design service that worked with startups and creative agencies to help them rather than hinder them.

No more expensive long-term contracts that don't deliver, no more time spent sourcing freelancers, and no more struggling to grow your business. Just flexible design resource, driven by strategic thinkers, that delivers results.

Our unique approach to design, using data, research, strategy, storytelling, design thinking, and experimentation - all packaged into an incredible value-for-money subscription. We want to help startups and creative agencies realise that growing their business through design doesn't have to be difficult. And that experimenting with big, exciting creative ideas doesn't have to be risky.

We'd love to help you grow your business through design. So why not book a free consultation, and see if we can help you?

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Our unique approach to design

We are storytellers

Story is the foundation of human psychology and behaviour. We use time-tested storytelling frameworks, from the Hero's Journey to the 3 act structure.

We are design thinkers

We believe in iterative, data-driven design. We are design thinkers and work to the design thinking double diamond process.

We are product nerds

Digital product is our obsession, whether that is your website, web-app, native app, or digital marketing. We take pride in knowing product inside-out.