We are a product design agency growing startups through design.

We believe that design and experimentation is crucial to business growth, and that it can have a bigger impact than most might think.

We want to give startups and small businesses the creative confidence to take risks, and change the world.

Picture of We Are Heroes founder, Chris


Hi, my name is Chris

Thanks for checking out We Are Heroes, an agency I founded to help digital startups thrive through growth-driven strategy and design. In over 10 years working in the industry, I wanted to create an agency focused on using design to grow businesses, as well as to look amazing. To use storytelling, copy, incredible design and creative strategy to smash business objectives rather than working against them.

Too often, businesses settle for design that is just about aesthetics, created by agencies who only care about their next portfolio piece, instead of using design to actually convert customers, and build loyalty and brand advocacy.

We Are Heroes is here to change that, through our unique approach to design-led growth, using strategy, storytelling, design thinking, user research, and experimentation - all packaged into an incredible value-for-money subscription. We want to help startups realise that design can help grow their business. And that experimenting with big, exciting creative ideas doesn't have to be risky.

We'd love to help you solve your business problems through design. So why not book a free consultation, and see if we can help you?

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Our unique approach to growth

We are storytellers

Story is the foundation of human psychology and behaviour. We use time-tested storytelling frameworks, from the Hero's Journey to the 3 act structure.

We are design thinkers

We believe in iterative, data-driven design. We are design thinkers and work to the design thinking double diamond process.

We are growth nerds

Growth is our obsession. Design shouldn't just be pretty visuals, it should serve a purpose. We are relentless in our pursuit of growing your business.