Consultation redesign

How we helped Alva iteratively improve their online menopause consultation through design, increasing treatment page views and consultation bookings.

Alva illustration

When we first spoke to Alva, they were in their earliest stages of growth, testing and proving an online consultation model that sought to get more women onto the right menopause treatment for them.

They asked us to look at the consultation and results flow primarily, in order to increase both the number of users who saw their treatment options, and the number of users who booked a doctor consultation with them.

Alva illustration

Understanding the problem.

Our first challenge was to understand the problem in more detail, using the jobs-to-be-done framework, and detailed user personas, along with full story recordings to get a deeper knowledge of their user's behaviour.

We identified two key areas of focus, the first screen of the results page, and the treatment pages and product cards.

Users weren't clicking into the treatment options because of poor, linear information presented when they reached their results. And once they got to them, they weren't being provided with enough information to make a purchase or book a consultation.

Defining iterative solutions.

What followed was a few different workshops, collaboratively exploring different iterative solutions to solving this problem, where we landing on several ideas that would then have massive impact.

Firstly, we changed the results view from a linear flow with 'next' and 'back' buttons, to a menu style interaction, where users could choose which section of their results to view first.

This also set the expectation for users so that they could immediately see how to find their treatment options.

What's more, this was a development change that took less than a day to implement, and increased treatment page views by over 70%!
Alva results page
Alva treatment

Redesigning treatment options.

Next, we looked at restructuring and redesigning the treatment cards themselves.

We created surveys asking users what information was most important to them, and conducted several prototype tests, both interviewing users who used them, and doing more quantitative click-tests to see where users were clicking and engaging with the cards.

After this, we redesigned the treatment cards entirely, with a focus on the most relevant information for the user, helping to increase add to basket rate, and also improve customer confidence that they were selecting the right treatment for them.

After working through results and treatment options, we then went on to look at multiple other areas of Alva's proposition, including their landing pages - in order to increase conversion at the top of the funnel, as well as their navigation, to add context to each section, and improve the number of users starting a consultation.

Alva consultation booking